Tuesday, July 31, 2012

For Sale

How in the world do some people manage to get so much done in a day?! Honestly, I feel like my days must have 5 less hours in them than the days everyone else lives. What other explanation could there be for me still having 5 hours worth of work to do when other (read: more rested) people are going to bed?

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that our house is on the market and we get calls for showings with sometimes as little as 30 minutes notice. I guess we could turn down the appointments, but we really want to sell our house so we take every appointment that comes our way.

Keeping a home showing ready (or 30 minutes of mad rushing from showing ready) at all times is no small task. Add in a three year old boy with tons of energy and it is exhausting. I feel like I spend my days planning how long it will take the washing machine to run and if I'll have time to switch the wet clothes to the dryer before our next showing? Will there be time to run the dryer? It is in the kitchen and a bit noisy and makes the room feel humid so I don't want it running during the showing. What about folding and putting all those clothes away? At what point of the day can I squeeze in nap time? If I have to wake up Evan from his nap in order for someone to come in and see the house will I have time to put him on the potty or should I put a diaper on him and run out the door? What about snacks? I just vacuumed two days ago, do the floors look like they need it again? Has anyone forgotten to flush a toilet? Leave the seat up? What will we do while someone is looking at our house? Go for a walk or run errands? Oh, it's a 100 degree day? A walk is out... the pool? A neighbor with air conditioning that won't mind a visit? Oh, and did I mention the toys that get spread out around the house while I am cleaning the bathtub or scrubbing floors?

So I'm venting. Listing a home for sale is hard work!

We recently found out that our neighborhood is not approved for FHA loans. Our condo association has too many homeowners late in paying their condo fees and as such FHA won't approve loans in our neighborhood. Also, anyone with conventional loan financing will need to have 20% to put down or they won't be able to get a loan either. Frustrating! I found out yesterday that we have 7 homeowners who are one month late in paying their fees. If they pay up we will be within the guidelines set forth by FHA and they will be able to approve loans for purchases in our neighborhood again. All our association would need to do would be reapply for "approved" status. We are VERY hopeful that this will happen soon! The likelihood of a buyer with 20% or more as a down payment is slim and we are one of four homes on the market in our neighborhood.

We are anxious to move. More on that in the next post. For now I leave you with this picture. See? Isn't it a beautiful home? If you are local and are looking for a place to buy or know of anyone looking might I suggest our little corner of the real estate market?

Alright, here is a picture of the inside too.

And this one.

Exhausted, but hopeful.

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