Thursday, June 10, 2010

Strawberry Picking

*UPDATE - Pictures finally added!!!

*NOTE - I've been holding off on publishing this post for a week or more because I want to add pictures. Now I'm worried I'll never post because I'm terrible about getting pictures off my camera. I'm just going to publish now and hopefully add pictures soon. Sorry!*

I'm really making an effort to write more often. I think it's important to have a record of Evan's baby/toddlerhood that is more solid than my memory. I haven't been very good at taking pictures (We have them, just not tons.) so I'm attempting to keep a record here.

This past Tuesday we went strawberry picking with a group of friends. When I first heard about the trip I was excited because this is something I've been looking forward to doing with Evan. Once I started thinking about it I got a little worried that maybe Evan wouldn't behave and that it would be too difficult to try to pick berries and keep an eye on him. (He's been in a bit of a tantrum stage lately.) I decided to brave the trip and we would just leave if he got cranky and I was too stressed. Well, the day turned out to be an awesome experience! I'm so glad I decided to give it a try! Evan behaved so well and he had a blast eating strawberries straight out of the box as I picked them. 

There were many other moms and kids who went with us and Evan had a blast walking back and forth between the different groups of people picking berries. He's such an independent little man! We picked for an hour or so and then all decided to stop and have lunch. As I was loading up the car to drive to the picnic area I left Evan in the stroller on the drivers side of the car while I was loading the strawberries into the passenger side. I heard him start to scream like he sometimes does when I go out of his sight. I finished what I was doing and walked back to the other side of the car. The stroller was not where I left it! It had fallen over and Evan was strapped in, upside down with his face in the grass. He was screaming his head off and I could tell he was scared. Poor kid! I got the stroller back up and took him out and hugged him and the little dude just hung onto me and cried. My heart nearly broke. Once he was calmed down I strapped him into his carseat and finished loading the car and we made the quick drive to the picnic spot. The farm had a nice grassy area between some barns and that's where we ate. I, of course, didn't think to pack a lunch for myself, but had a sandwich for Evan. After eating he went and played with the other kids as they fed weeds to some goats. He LOVED them!

Since we were on a farm there were trucks that would drive by and Evan tried to take off toddling after them whenever they passed. It kept me busy going after him and bringing him back. I love him so much, but boy does he keep me on my toes!

It was a great day and I'm so excited that he was well behaved. I won't be nervous to try this type of outing again! I love my boy!

Here are a few more of my favorite pictures from the day.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You know that feeling when...

Someone links to your blog and you haven't updated in MONTHS? Yeah, me neither. I just won a giveaway from Becca over at The Paro Post and she linked back to my blog so I figured I ought write something here. You know, in case anyone follows the link. I wouldn't want you all to think that I don't write here.... yeah... right... :)

In an effort to update the two of you who haven't given up reading my blog, here's the scoop on what we've been up to.

The G family has been having a busy few months. We decided that we want to try to sell our two level condo and buy an actual townhouse (or even a single family home if we can find one in our price range). We want to have more children (None started yet!) and feel like more space would be important to have before we do that. We could fit another baby in this house, but it would be tight and both kids would have to share E's current room. Doable, but not easy. To get the house ready to list we've done a lot of updates including painting the hallway and two story stairway, sanding and painting the kitchen cabinets (WHY didn't we do this years ago?! They look like new!), putting a new subfloor and flooring in our bathroom, stripping and repainting the front door and a whole host of smaller jobs. We've also ordered new counter top for the kitchen, but it won't be here for at least another week and maybe a bit longer. When you combine all of that with keeping up with housework, spending time with E and each other and the various out of town trips we've taken the spring has just flown by and we are already welcoming summer! Hopefully we'll have the work done in a few weeks and can start looking at homes we'd like to buy once ours is on the market.

I need to get off the computer now. E and I spent part of the afternoon at the neighborhood pool and while he is napping I need to start a load of laundry with our swimming stuff and get his toys cleaned up and dinner started.

Happy Summer! Maybe I'll post again soon. Somebody link to my blog, please, so I'm forced to update!!!