Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nonnie's All-Naturals

Just this weekend I learned about a great new start-up company owned by the sister of one of my good friends. Natalie is the mother to adorable little boy Talon who has some health issues that make it necessary for their family to eat gluten and dairy free and also to avoid many additives. She has created her own house cleaning products, 100% soy candles and has recently added a line of homemade, organic pie fillings to her inventory! I just placed an order for both her pear and apple pie fillings as well as a peach and ginger scented soy candle. Her prices are very reasonable at $5.00 for the pie fillings and $12 for the candles. I'm so excited to receive my order and bake up some pies while I burn my yummy scented candle!

Natalie just started a Facebook account for her company. Please visit Nonnie's All-Naturals to learn a little more about her company and message her if you'd like to place an order. 

Disclaimer: I have not received any free product from Nonnie's All-Naturals nor am I being compensated in any way for using the space on my blog to let you all know about her company. I'm just excited about this new company and thought I'd share the news and help a fellow mother get a start with her new business venture. Any opinions expressed are completely my own.

 Thanks for reading!

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