Thursday, March 31, 2011

I want to be a blogger...

But I'm so darn inconsistent with my posts!

My mom asked me to post my recipes that I usually create on the fly. I have a habit of telling her about them and rattle off the ingredients and instructions when she isn't in a position to write it all down. She suggested I post the recipes on my blog and she'll just copy my recipe the next day. Basically, we'll be eating the same menu, but she'll be one day behind me.

I'm not very good with meal plans... I like to have lots of ingredients on hand and create the meals at the last minute. Normally it works out fine, but every now and then it backfires on me and I don't feel like being creative. Then we eat out! (So I guess it doesn't really backfire. :) )

My next post (coming as soon as I can type it out) is a recipe for Taco Crockpot Chicken.

Stay tuned.

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