Thursday, September 16, 2010

Loving My Reality

Lately I have been resenting my job as a housewife/mom. Not the loving my family part, but the work part. Ugh! Then I came upon this post through online linking from one blog to another and I am beginning to see it another way. I need to "fall in love with my reality." The author described very clearly some of the things I struggle with. The endless cycle of laundry, cooking, cleaning up from cooking, feeding Evan, cleaning Evan up after eating, changing diapers, disciplining him when needed, taking him out of the house, grocery shopping with a toddler in tow.... I need to stop fighting it and accept that this is my life and see it as a blessing. I GET to do laundry for my family, I'm PRIVILEGED to cook and clean to keep us eating healthy meals and living in a clean house. I'm BLESSED to have a son and to change his diapers, feed him and keep him happy while at the grocery store. (And if you know anything at all about my pregnancy and the struggle that we had to stay pregnant you would wonder how I could even forget that Evan is a blessing. A miracle!)

The next time I start my inner griping and mentally fight the list of things I have to do I'm going to try to remember this post and approach my reality with a thankful heart. Maybe if I change my attitude those tasks won't seem like work anymore, but really be the blessings that they are.

Funny how God has a way of putting a mirror in front of me so that I'm forced to examine my own heart. I'm so grateful that He loves me enough to bring me face to face with conviction.

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  1. Hmmm... not too sure I will ever get excited about the thought that I GET to do laundry hahahaha. I'm thinking that from now on I will only buy clothes that don't wrinkle. That way I can just throw them in the dressers unfolded. If I didn't have to fold everything it might not be so bad. :)

    Good post!