Monday, March 29, 2010

Not Me!

A blog that I read does a Not Me Monday posting carnival and this week I thought I'd join in. Not Me Monday is a place where you can confess something you've done that you're embarrassed about and want to own up to, while denying it at the same time. It's fun!

I know, what could I have done that I could be embarrassed about? It's not like I'm a mom with very little time and little sleep, right? And on that note...

I most certainly did NOT take a nap instead of showering while the baby slept this morning. When we both woke up, two and a half GLORIOUS hours later, I did NOT use diaper wipes to freshen up before heading out to run errands. Nope. Not me!

And there you have it. My mommy confession. I use my kid's diaper wipes instead of showering. But, at least I'm well rested... if only for today.

What did you NOT do recently? Head on over to My Charming Kids and link up your own confession.

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