Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bad Blogger!!!

My last post was on October 30th. That makes it nearly two and a half months since I last blogged! I'm sorry. *hangs head in shame*

I have an excuse. His name is E. He's nearly 11 months old and he keeps me BUSY! That and Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years also happened. It's a busy time of year, folks. What can I say?

So what's going on in the G household these days? Now that the holidays are passed and life has returned to normal we are back to organizing our home. We would like to sell as soon as we have saved enough for a down payment on a new home. With that in mind, we are starting to steadily pluck away at our "To Do" list of minor home repairs. I'm also working on decluttering and organizing. In order to help us save for the new house, we've also made the decision to cut our cable. After tonight (or sometime tomorrow, depending on when Verizon shuts us off) we will be cable free. It is a very freeing feeling to know that we will no longer be ruled by our desire to watch our recorded shows on the DVR! I imagine that we will be more productive and spend more time together as a family doing "family" things. Josh and I can play games after E has gone to bed and before bedtime we can all play together. E loves it when both Josh and I get down on the floor and play with him. I'm also hoping that I'll be better at getting housework done without television here to distract me.

Back in November I made the decision to start selling PD jewelry. It has been going well, although, not as well as I had hoped. I really wanted to have six home shows completed before 1/22/10 in order to win a $200 certificate for free jewelry from the company. I can use this jewelry on my display table so that I have more samples to show customers at home shows. Right now, I need one more show. If you are reading this (I don't know how many people actually do read my blog...) I'd love to do a home show for you! Partly, because I need the extra show (I'm being honest) and also because I think doing home shows is fun and I love getting an evening or afternoon away from home!

Well, it's late and I need to get some sleep. I've been burning the candle at both ends lately and really need to be better at getting to bed before midnight so that I can get some good quality sleep before E wakes up at 7am. Before midnight won't be happening tonight, but just because I've gone past my goal doesn't mean I have to stay up any later.

With that, goodnight!


  1. Ummm... just wondering how many blogs you have started and left haha?? You ARE a bad blogger! :)

  2. Ya'know... once you turn that cable off you may find that you like not having it! We had ours turned off nearly 9 years ago. It's nice not having the tv going all the time.
    Nice to see you have a blog. I'll put it under favorites. Blessings.