Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pray for Stellan!

Stellan is the son of a Twitter user and blog writer that I follow. She goes by MckMama. Stellan is just over 11 months old and has been having an issue with his heart since he was in utero. He has periods where his heart beats VERY fast and there is danger of heart failure if the fast beating cannot be stopped. Usually it is controlled by various prescription drugs, but occasionally some SVT (the name for the fast beating) breaks through. He can have a procedure done when he is older (around 4 years old) to try to correct the problem with his heart. His parents and older siblings are just waiting for him to grow and praying that his little heart can hold out until then. (This is my layperson description of his condition, MckMama explains it very well on her blog.) Stellan was just admitted to the hospital tonight with SVT that managed to break through the drugs holding it back. MckMama sounds like she is staying strong, but I can imagine that going through this is not easy. Can you please pray for healing, strength, more time for Stellan to grow and for peace for the entire family? If you have time and wish to leave MckMama a comment on her blog I'm sure she would love the encouragement.

Thanks for praying!

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